Product Boxes

Product Boxes

Key Features of Product Boxes

  • Transform: Now transform your box in any shape and size.
  • Design Corner: Execution of innovative designs and layouts which enhance the real theme.
  • UV coating: Optional UV coating for extra glow and sturdiness.
  • Spot UV: We do offer this space age technique to our valued clients for extra glow and protection for their boxes.
  • Foiling: Multiple colors of foiling are approachable now.
  • Stock: High quality Card stock (C1S&C2S) and corrugated stock is available.
  • Color corner: CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (Black) ) and PMS (Pantone Matching System) for special color printing are available.
  • Printing: We offer you Digital and Offset printing to transform your boxes in order to achieve accurate results.
  • Shipping: Expeditious shipping and Handling anywhere within the US.
  • Normal Turn Around: On Approval we will take 12 to 14 normal business days to get your boxes delivered at your door step.
  • Rush Orders: We do rush orders to evade the time crunch for our valued clients.
  • Guarantee: We guarantee you the printing and material quality which we are using to customize your box.

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Product Boxes

CustomBoxes4less has ended all problems regarding to packaging products. We introduce best kind of boxes for your various packaging products. Product boxes are the most useful packaging material in all sections of our economy. They are used in offices, markets, shops, home or in working areas. We give best printing quality to our fine white ridged based material and make our entire products perfect for all customers.

This product is an effective and reasonable solution to put your favorite products or goods in a well organized means. They are especially creates to be strong with the intention that they can be used to set also heavy products easily in these boxes. We have large range in this product to present. The designing and artwork on these boxes are very impressive and unique.

No doubt, this product is very useful item and due to this reason they are acceptable everywhere all across the world. The purpose of these boxes is to keep some of your heavy products arranged. You can also keep your product inside these boxes easily either the form of your item is odd, round, cylindrical, square or any other outline.

Our sale team is offering some really eye-catching and incomparable product boxes to all its customers at the wholesale price. This packaging material is quite functional in most of the sections of our economy. These boxes are used to send any parcel, gifts to foreign countries. Other than parcel sending purpose, they are also useful at your homes because you can save your extra crockery of your kitchen in them and can keep heavy products of your home including electronics, home appliances etc in these boxes.

The custom product boxes play an important role at the different working organizations. If a company has a business of delivering goods to markets, malls or shops, it needs to have small, medium, large and extra-large boxes for this purpose. A name or logo of the particular company can be designed on these boxes on your request. We also produce custom product boxes on our customer requirement moreover, we add name of the product, company, ingredients, everything about that particular product on these boxes. If you want to keep any of your cosmetic and perfume in a stylish manner, you need to use our full colors product boxes.

Our designers shares matchless and unlimited designs in these boxes to all customers at the affordable rate. You can adjust any product in them, whether the item shape is cylindrical, odd, round or square.

The features of this packaging product are described as following:

We use cover card stock and corrugation stock in making of our all packaging boxes. The available Cover card Stocks has a weight 12pt or 14pt or cardstock weight is 100lb or 120lb. We use to give full color custom (CMYK or PMS) to printing papers or cards during the printing process. Our designers prefer to get lamination on printed material for increasing its durability and shine but it depends on your choice. Free graphic designing, free proof reading, design submissions and lamination are offered to you only for your printing orders. Free ground delivery of your orders is available within theUnited States of America (USA). You can get you product at your doorsteps normally in 10 to 14 days.

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