Milk Carton Boxes

Milk Carton Boxes

Key Features of Milk Carton Boxes

  • Transform: Now transform your box in any shape and size.
  • Design Corner: Execution of innovative designs and layouts which enhance the real theme.
  • UV coating: Optional UV coating for extra glow and sturdiness.
  • Spot UV: We do offer this space age technique to our valued clients for extra glow and protection for their boxes.
  • Foiling: Multiple colors of foiling are approachable now.
  • Stock: High quality Card stock (C1S&C2S) and corrugated stock is available.
  • Color corner: CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (Black) ) and PMS (Pantone Matching System) for special color printing are available.
  • Printing: We offer you Digital and Offset printing to transform your boxes in order to achieve accurate results.
  • Shipping: Expeditious shipping and Handling anywhere within the US.
  • Normal Turn Around: On Approval we will take 12 to 14 normal business days to get your boxes delivered at your door step.
  • Rush Orders: We do rush orders to evade the time crunch for our valued clients.
  • Guarantee: We guarantee you the printing and material quality which we are using to customize your box.

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Milk Carton Boxes

If you are searching for Milk Boxes, you need to click on our website and get best designs in these boxes. We are here to present you high quality packaging boxes at the reasonable price. These kinds of boxes are designed in order to hold or carry different tools, like juices or diary products etc. In other words, you can say that these boxes are used to carry light and heavy weight products or goods securely. They are produced in a shape that helps to fits your product accurately. This product is totally different with the others packaging boxes. They can be created according to the shape and size of the product which needs to be adjusting in them.

These boxes can be hold by the handle made on the top of them. The custom milk boxes are produced with the use of smooth papers or cards, which are available at us in a cutting form. Our designers do not use tape, gum or staple in the formation of our different packaging products. White ridged material is used for the different packaging products and it is available at us in the different shapes. Our experienced team manages all material very decently and due to that it can be used again.

These kinds of boxes are quite demanding and useful everywhere all across the world. If you want to present or keep any of your goods in an organized means you need to use these boxes that help you to fit your item exactly. They have thousands uses as these boxes are used to keep number of diary and fast food items.

They are mainly produced to grant good appearance to the packaging of your different products or items. This box can also be used as a gift box on the different occasions. You can gift or presentanything in them to your best friends, relatives, fellows and close ones. There is no use of wrapping paper at all when you have this packaging product. It will fulfill wrapper requirement so there is no need to spend more money for packaging material. No doubt, these boxes increase the presentation of your products.

Custom milk boxes are designed by our highly skilled designers with the addition of full color custom. We focus on to grant best themes and make the packaging product more inspiring for our customers. We have very good and attractive packages to offer you. We have indefinite and without comparison designs to provide you in these boxes. You can avail our custom boxes option and get your order at the reasonable price from us.

Our hard working and determined team generates these boxes in dissimilar looks, themes, designs and sizes. The packaging material we use in the production of our packaging boxes is very appreciable. The material is being processed in our off set & digital printing machines.

They are the decent way to present or gift your products in these boxes and undoubtedly this way may impress to any person. The striking and exceptional designs on this product can help you in your business.

Do not be late and visit our website. Selects the best design for tote boxes that can be prove as perfect for your product and accommodate your business requirements.

The features of our packaging boxes are described as following:

The available premium stock for the cover card Stock has a weight 12pt. or 14pt or cardstockweight is 100lb or 120lb. We add complete PMS (Pantone Matching System) or CMYK colors to the smooth cards and papers in printing process. Our team gives an option to all its clients for UV coating for increasing the paper’s durability and shine. Moreover, we are also offering free custom graphic designing, free templates and free lamination only for the printing orders.

Our main concern with our clients is to give them 100% surety about our printing quality and services. The Production turnaround is fast, order takes normally 7 to 10 days.

If you are interested in our packaging products visit our website mentioned at above.