Bin Boxes

Bin BoxesKey Features of Bin Boxes

  • Transform: Now transform your box in any shape and size.
  • Design Corner: Execution of innovative designs and layouts which enhance the real theme.
  • UV coating: Optional UV coating for extra glow and sturdiness.
  • Spot UV: We do offer this space age technique to our valued clients for extra glow and protection for their boxes.
  • Foiling: Multiple colors of foiling are approachable now.
  • Stock: High quality Card stock (C1S&C2S) and corrugated stock is available.
  • Color corner: CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (Black) ) and PMS (Pantone Matching System) for special color printing are available.
  • Printing: We offer you Digital and Offset printing to transform your boxes in order to achieve accurate results.
  • Shipping: Expeditious shipping and Handling anywhere within the US.
  • Normal Turn Around: On Approval we will take 12 to 14 normal business days to get your boxes delivered at your door step.
  • Rush Orders: We do rush orders to evade the time crunch for our valued clients.
  • Guarantee: We guarantee you the printing and material quality which we are using to customize your box.

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Bin Boxes

Bin boxes solve the problem of storing small tools with a fit way. They are the good solution of having little tools in an ordered manner. The associations and other working areas all across the world choose bin boxes in order to store their company’s goods or small measurements. These boxes have many uses as they help to have small items such as pins, tapes, pens, books, shoes and so many others parts in an arranged way.

Excluding working organizations, this product is also considered as practical in different vehicle dealer, electronic firms, hospitals, factories and workshops. This idea has been very successful and simple for solving several storage issues from the last few years.

If you are searching for high quality custom bin boxes, these are available at CustomBoxes4less on wholesale price. Our well trained designers create bin boxes with the use of our fine white ridged stock and they do not consider the use of tape, gum or staple in the formation of this item. We design these boxes with an uncomplicated and simple practice, as we use a plane card or paper which is processed beneath our digital printing technology. After that, the paper or card gets mate or glossy finish as per customer’s preference. This item is designed in a way that an open space is left at the front in order to keep parts or goods, while it is covered from the back with the same material. Free space allows fulfilling storage requirement accurately.

This box has thousands of uses in different field of our economy. These boxes have proved as one of the best storage results for the cycle or vehicle parts, electrical mechanism, plumbing fixtures and device hardware. Our fabulous quality in corrugated bin box is produced to be very well-built and they can have goods without any risk. These boxes generate at our company in all sizes and shapes with the great and excellent artwork. They create in a short time and with small efforts.

Moreover, our company also offers bin boxes to all of their clients at the affordable prices. The custom bin boxes have all features and designs that help you to meet your business requirements. Personalized, cardboard bin boxes are designed at us with full color custom and impressive themes. We propose custom bin boxes to our valued customers because we want to help our clients in their business. You can order us for bin boxes according to your business desires and get best packaging product at the cheap price.

All variety in these boxes is arranged in a civilized way and due to this reason bin boxes can be reused. We also do work to insert label of your company or business on your single request on the gap vacant existing at the face of the product.

Key features of bin boxes are explained following, these information will help you to get proper knowledge about our packaging material.

We use the cover card in the formation of bin boxes; the stock of these cards has a weight of 12pt and 14pt or cardstock is 100lb and 120lb. The card is being processed under full color CMYK or PMS (Pantone Matching System) in order to give international standard to our product. After that, it gets optional Ultra Violet (UV) coating for raising the durability or extra shine of the printing material. We offer proof reading, designs revisions and lamination totally free of charge only for your printing orders.

Our sale team gives 100% guarantee to our clients about their printing quality and services. Our services are very speedy and great because we deliver your order normally in 7 to 10 days. Our company is offering one-stop solution to all its customers for packaging. Our web site is very easy to handle or use moreover we also offers free of cost designs submissions to those customers who are interested in our products. We provide totally free shipping to US customers. If you have any reservation

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